Kural Balloon

The Uniqueness of Thirukural

Tamil as a language is one of the ancient classical languages of the world. Every person who is born a Tamil and who loves his/her mother tongue aspires that the glory of Tamil language should not end.

with the present generation but continue to flourish through successive generations In particular, Tamil people are fond of the Thirukural, the masterpiece of the Divine Poet, Thiruvalluvar, which teaches the art of living. They value this classical book that was written about 2000 years ago without leaning towards any God or race, but on the basis of Justice, Wealth and Happiness, which are needed for human life. That is why the verses of Thirukural are written on the common walls, schools, buses and quoted in public speeches. In short, wherever one goes, he/she can see the Kural written or spoken in all places, as it is hailed by all. Many keep trying to reach the Thirukural to all people through various ways. Some achieve the feat of reciting all 1330 Kurals by heart. Some others display big banners up to the height of 450 feet splashing the Kurals, drawings made of pulses and grains portraying the figure of Thiruvalluvar, and erecting a statue of Thiruvalluver to a height of 133 feet signifying the 133 chapters of the Thirukural. Besides, Mr. Bhardwaj, one of the famous music directors in the Tamil film industry has set music to 380 Kurals so far. Thus people from different walks of life have made efforts to spread the Thirukural and to elevate it to the next level.

The Kural Balloon

In this backdrop, our Global Media Box having wide experience in flying hot air balloons in different countries in the past 8 years has planned to bring out a huge balloon highlighting the Thirukural.

This balloon, first of its kind in the world, can become a great achievement at the global level as it is going to be 100 feet high, displaying all the 1330 Kurals with the explanation in English.The Thirukural that we have seen in palm leaves, printed books, stone carvings, tablet, digital form, cinema and other forms is going to be seen in the form of a huge balloon flying high with all the Kurals inscribed on it. We believe that this medium of hot air balloon will reach the Thirukural to all kinds of people in an effective and easy manner..

History of Hot air Balloons

Balloon means a matter of joy for everyone since childhood, that too when the balloon comes in different colours and shapes. The delight of flying in a hot air balloon is great and the experience

of flying is indeed inexplicable. No words to describe it. The credit of flying the first hot air balloon goes to Montgolfier brothers - Joseph Michel Montgolfier and Jacques-Étienne Montgolfier who were the sons of rich paper manufacturer in France. In the beginnings of 1780 they made use of paper for their first stage of experiments of flying. They decided to fly people in that balloon. In September 1783, they flew a balloon starting with a lamb, rooster, and a duck in a balloon in Versailles in France and that balloon flew for 8 minutes but those birds and animal landed safely without any harm. Therefore, on 21st November the first attempt was made to fly a balloon with human beings.

The Experience of Flying

There is a bamboo basket attached directly to the opening of the balloon with strong cables. The pilot and those persons flying with him will be in that basket. There are an igniter and a regulator above the basket.

The gas-filled cylinders are inside the basket. Aero planes can take off only on a long runway but hot air balloon can take off on a small strip of land in an open space. It is very important to find a place where there is no obstruction for the balloon to climb. “As the air decides the direction and speed of the balloon, it is a different experience every time one flies”. This has been the collective opinion of people who have traveled in hot air balloon.

Conception of the Idea

These two became friends when they were working for the famous UTV in 2003. After four years of working together, these two began to travel along different routes. Selva Saravanah.

left for Singapore to work in media and Benedict Savio got involved in hot air balloon. Whenever these friends met or communicated through phone, their conversation used to be about hot air balloon. Benedict was contemplating on doing something new in the field of hot air balloon and creating awareness about hot air balloon in South India.

In September 2014, while Benedict Savio was conversing with Selva Saravanah over the phone, their conversation turned towards hot air balloon. Benedict always having a vision to do something with the Tamil community through hot air balloon and that conversation transformed to do with Thiruvalluvar. Then Selva Saravanah gave an idea to print all the 1330 Thirukural written by Thiruvalluvar in a hot air balloon besides the names and pictures of persons who would be participating in flying the balloon through their sponsorship. This conversation sowed the seeds of Kural Balloon.

Benedict Savio started working on the feasibility of adapting the 1330 couplets in the hot air balloon through a technical drawing, which was shared to a leading hot air balloon manufacturer that turned out with a positive feedback from the manufacturer and helped transforming this dream into reality.


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Kural Balloon
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