Frequently Asked Questions

You can get participated by buying a Photo space:

Photo Space on the Kural Balloon – Rs. 5000 and 10,000/- You will get a chance to get your own photo printed on the Kural Hot air balloon, which would be flying across the globe promoting the significance of Thirukural. Also, you will get a Complimentary Customized Kural Balloon Kit with your participation certificate.
The balloon will be launched during Tamil New Year day on April 14th 2016.
The balloon will be travelling around and taking part in International Balloon Festivals across the globe. The countries, which are on the list, are Australia, Malaysia, England, Germany, France, Canada and United States of America.
Yes, We are happy to bring the balloon and fly in any special event provided the actual operational expense has to be met by the organiser or by the person who invited.
Yes, you can buy as much photo space you wish to purchase provided that there would not be any replication of the photos that you upload.
You will receive a photograph taken after the construction of the balloon, which will show the position your photo with name on the balloon.
You must follow the specification mentioned below.

Photo Specifications - Photos must be at least in 300dpi in JPEG or TIF or PDF only.
- The dimension of the photo should be 45 MM (Height) by 35 MM (Width)
- Use White background only
- Use only photos with permissions and rights.
- No Cartoons, group photos, offensive photo allowed
- Photos can be mailed to us from your registered mail Id to our official mail Id - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
- An acknowledgment will be sent to your registered email address on receipt of your photos.
- Photos are subject to approval. You will receive an email after the approval.

On or before March 1st, 2016 will the last date for the submission either through email or through website!!!
It will be considered as rejected for photo space but still you will receive your Complimentary Customized Kural Balloon Kit with your participation certificate. There will be NO refund.
No. The photos cannot be removed or altered after approval.
Photos will stay as long as the life of the balloon, approximately 4 - 5 years.
No. Your participation is towards the construction of the balloon and your photo space.
You will receive the Complimentary customized Kural Balloon kit by the 1st week of April, 2016 service to your registered address.
Yes. You could receive updates through an E-mail subscription or you can check our website (or)\kuralballoon


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2015-04-24, 11:22
Thanks to all the Tamil associations around the world for your great support to this initiative.
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2015-04-17, 15:47
Online registrations will be open from 25th April 2015
Kural Balloon
2015-04-17, 15:45
Support the initiative taken by these youngsters - Solomon Paapaiya.



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