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Global Media Box having wide experience in flying hot air balloons in different countries in the past 8 years have carried out large-scale public events overseas, advertising and tourism development activities. We have been prominent for our contribution to the world of hot air ballooning and various hot air balloon organizations like Camping Retreats of India, Cameron Balloons US, Flying Media Thailand, Daily Air Corporation Taiwan, Etc.

Global Media Box in association with Rovio Entertainment, is the proud owner cum operator of the World's Famous Angry Birds hot air balloon which has been on a World Tour to entertain many people across boundaries. The balloon has travelled to Taiwan, USA, Australia, India, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Mexico, Philippines, and New Zealand.


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2015-04-24, 11:22
Thanks to all the Tamil associations around the world for your great support to this initiative.
Kural Balloon
2015-04-17, 15:47
Online registrations will be open from 25th April 2015
Kural Balloon
2015-04-17, 15:45
Support the initiative taken by these youngsters - Solomon Paapaiya.



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