Tamil as a language is one of the ancient classical languages of the world. Every person who is born a Tamil and who loves his/her mother tongue aspires that the glory of Tamil language should not end with the present generation but continue to flourish through successive generations. Tamil people are fond of the Thirukural, the masterpiece of the Divine Poet, Thiruvalluvar, which teaches the art of living. That is why the verses of Thirukural are written on the common walls, schools, buses and quoted in public speeches. In short, wherever one goes, he/she can see the Kural written or spoken in all places, as it is hailed by all.

In this backdrop, our Global Media Box having wide experience in flying hot air balloons in different countries in the past 8 years has planned to bring out a huge balloon highlighting the Thirukural. This balloon, first of its kind in the world, can become a great achievement at the global level as it is going to be 100 feet high, displaying all the 1330 Kurals with the explanation in English. The Thirukural that we have seen in palm leaves, printed books, stone carvings, tablet, digital form, cinema and other forms is going to be seen in the form of a huge balloon flying high with all the Kurals inscribed on it. We believe that this medium of hot air balloon will reach the Thirukural to all kinds of people in an effective and easy manner.


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2015-04-24, 11:22
Thanks to all the Tamil associations around the world for your great support to this initiative.
Kural Balloon
2015-04-17, 15:47
Online registrations will be open from 25th April 2015
Kural Balloon
2015-04-17, 15:45
Support the initiative taken by these youngsters - Solomon Paapaiya.




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